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Bro. Bobby was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, however, his family lived in Pittsfield, Illinois for most of his childhood and were members of the Grace Baptist Church under the ministry of Dr. Gary Dice. 
He made a profession of faith at the age of five years old and surrendered to preach at the age of eight years old.
After some time of doubt and uncertainty, Bro. Bobby sought counsel for assurance of salvation.
At age 13. He prayed this simple prayer saying, "Lord, I've asked you to save me over and over again never believing you actually did. I am asking you now to save me, and I will believe your Word that you will."
Bro. Bobby said this was the time he truly trusted Christ as Saviour. He has a burden for those who have a similar testimony of uncertainty and seeks to help folks have assurance based on Biblical faith!

His grandfather, Dr. Howard Slough, taught him the basics of preaching and helped him start a nursing home and radio ministry at age sixteen. 
At age seventeen, Bro. Bobby began studying at Clarksville Theological Seminary in Clayton, NC.
In 2012, Dr. David Harrison asked Bro. Bobby to travel with him full time to assist with Voice of Hope ministries, and be trained for full time ministry.
In late 2013, Bro. Bobby went full time in evangelism with the BSALT ministry working with church planters and struggling churches. 
In 2016, Bro. Bobby moved to Nebraska to assist with a young church plant in the town of Stamford. 
Bro. Bobby became the Pastor of Pitkin Avenue on October 28th, 2018. 
The Johnstons welcomed Leland Zane to their family on June 23, 2020.